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Bob Walker

Hi, I’m Bob - Career Coach, Outplacement Specialist and Recruiter.

Do you need help finding your next job? Or assistance identifying what ‘next’

even looks like?  Are you a business or organisation needing help to recruit the

next member of your team? Or outplacement support for departing employees? 

I can help.

Job hunting can be an incredibly stressful experience. Recruitment equally so. Putting up your hand and saying you need help is never a sign of weakness, in my world it is a major strength.  With over 20 years’ experience (yes I’m old) in the recruitment and coaching space I bring clarity, structure, support and old-fashioned common sense to your job search, career planning or recruitment needs. 

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Need help finding and securing your next role? Help building an effective CV and LinkedIn profile?

Not sure what ‘next’ even looks like?

I offer practical help and coaching to bring clarity to your job search and give you the tools to succeed in a recruitment process.

I help you build your 'story', your sales pitch. I help you build a comprehensive plan of attack and support through the interview process.

I work with individuals at all levels of seniority and from a broad range of disciplines and industry backgrounds.


Do you need help on a recruitment campaign? Assistance scoping, building and managing a process?

I have worked with 1000’s of individuals and 100’s of companies and organisations large and small across a wide range of industry sectors.

Working with the awesome team at JOYN I provide a pay-as-you-go recruitment service.

I leverage my 20+ years recruitment experience and my extensive to identify who is 'in' the market', not just 'on' the market.


After emigrating from London to Auckland in 2019, I connected with Bob. He has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and connections in the New Zealand market, combined with a straight-talking structured approach to job seeking. I would recommend Bob to anyone seeking sound advice on job seeking in New Zealand.



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