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5 weeks 'til Christmas....

🎅 With just over 5 weeks to Christmas the thought of a change in career naturally falls to back of mind for a lot of people. It's time to dust the BBQ off, dig out the camping gear and fill up the fridge. And yet it's exactly the time when you should be thinking about 2024.

🚀 The New Zealand job market typically sees a major uplift from late January as we return to work and focus on the credit card bills and waist line. And too many people hit the market (New Year, New Career...) woefully unprepared.

🏖 As a seasoned (old!) career coach there's no doubt some preparation and planning makes a huge difference to your chances of success. From identifying your ideal career path to crafting a standout CV and LinkedIn, so much of this prep work can be done before Christmas, allowing you to hit the beach with the knowledge that much of the hard work is done.

💡 If you're thinking about a change next year and think you might need some assistance, I know a career coach who might just be able to help...

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