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Another year older - September 2020

Another year older and hopefully slightly wiser.

I kicked off my birthday with a coaching session on Auckland's waterfront with a new client. By my (admittedly poor) records this was the 81st assignment I have started since going out on my own last year as a career coach and freelance recruiter.

It been a fascinating year. Walking away from the security of a regular pay cheque certainly focuses the mind. Throw in a global pandemic and it becomes a test of resilience, attitude, and, occasionally, sanity. I can honestly say I've enjoyed nearly every minute of it.

I am incredibly grateful to the individuals, businesses and organisations who have entrusted their careers and recruitment requirements to me. Your support means a huge amount. As do the referrals and testimonials which help me to grow my business.

If you are reading this and think I may be able to help from a job search, career coaching or recruitment perspective then I'd love to hear from you!

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