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➡ I've worked in the recruitment industry for a long time, this is my fourth decade (I really am very old). Like most industries if you can get the basics right you'll generally go quite well. And yet...

👻 A recurring theme from candidates and coaching clients recently has been the proliferation of 'ghosting' during the recruitment process.

🦗 Applying for a job and never getting a response.

🦗 Being briefed on an opportunity and never hearing back.

🦗 Going for an interview and then radio silence.

⚫ The recruitment black hole is a real thing. Recruiters and employers alike would do well to remember we are dealing with human beings. The least we can do is reach out to unsuccessful applicants by email and let them know where they stand. Or by phone if you have actually interviewed them.

🔥 Boldly stating in an advert that you will only contact successful applicants is lazy, arrogant, poor practice and simply unacceptable. If your organisation or recruiter is guilty of this (and too many supposedly leading brands are) then challenge them. If they don’t understand where they are falling short then it is time to change your processes, personnel or recruitment provider accordingly.


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