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Green shoots of recovery?

And just like that it is February. If only we knew now what we did this time last year! I've spent the last few weeks juggling school holidays with work, no mean feat. Despite the distractions it has quickly become clear there is a real sense of optimism in the New Zealand market.

Vacancy numbers on SEEK are the highest they have been since the distant days of lockdown version one, applicant numbers are still high but declining and the most recent unemployment figures give further cause for optimism.

In short, things are on the up and job seekers and potential job seekers should be encouraged by this.

That said, you still need to know your 'story' and your core 'themes' and how to sell yourself. On paper, here on LinkedIn. And in person at interview. You also need a proactive plan of attack to hit the market in the most effective way.

If you think you might need help on any of the above jump onto my shiny new website at or just drop me a note here.

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