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Some musings from March 2020

Just scrolling through the latest adverts on SEEK here in NZ and came across the following sign-offs on vacancy details:-

Please submit your CV and a brief note explaining why you believe you would be the best candidate for this role. We will aim to get back in touch with those shortlisted within 2 weeks of the closing date.


Please note that all applications are reviewed but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Please note, only those shortlisted will be contacted, and this will happen within one week of your application

It took approximately two minutes to find these and I have no doubt there are a large number of similar examples on current live vacancy advertisements.

And let's not even begin to talk about the sheer number of applications that are never acknowledged or responded to, even after follow-ups by email and phone.


At which point did it become acceptable for hiring companies and recruiters to dismiss candidates with a note on the advert saying, in effect, if you don't hear from us, tough? It's become increasingly prevalent here in New Zealand and is just laziness and arrogance. And somewhat ironic considering that as we become ever more automated it takes a minimal amount of type to reject unsuitable applicants.

As well as being a wizened (and hopefully sometimes wise) recruiter I work as a career coach with a wide range of clients, a number of whom are currently not working. They're under or unemployed and would like a job. They understand it is a competitive market and are prepared (after I have worked with them!) for rejection. It's never nice and yet they can deal with it. Yet so often they do not even qualify for rejection. The number of applications that just disappear into the ether is shocking. Big companies, small companies, recruiters and in-house recruitment teams - all are equally guilty.

Employers - please take a moment to think how this reflects on your employment brand. I'll give you a clue, it's not positive.

Recruiters - can you guess what the biggest gripe from candidates is about the recruitment sector? You guessed it, they apply and never hear back. They may not be right for the job but surely it is common courtesy to at least let them know that? From a customer experience perspective it doesn't take much to rise above mediocrity and yet so much of our industry seems happy to remain there.

Candidate experience is more than just a phrase.....if you are currently working for an organisation that treats applicants in this way please take a moment to to consider the impact it has on and impression it gives to potential employees (and often current or future customers!). And challenge it.

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