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The first 1,000 days...

And just like that three years is up. Three years since I cut the corporate ties and decided to see if I could eke out a living on my own. A lot has happened in that time. It's certainly not all been plain sailing, and a global pandemic definitely wasn't part of my planning! In fact, and hindsight is a wonderful thing, there wasn't a huge amount of planning at the start, just a realisation I wanted to do something quite different in the final third of my career.

A quick look at the numbers - since opening the doors on the imaginatively named Bob Walker NZ I've coached over 200 individuals from just about every background possible. I've completed just under 50 recruitment processes for a variety of organizations and consulted into a number more. I've also built some wonderful partnerships with other people, most notably the great teams at JOYN and Proxi.

If you've had the fortune (or misfortune!) to work with me over the last 1,000 or so days then your support is very much appreciated!

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